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Haig Haleblian


Mayor Crystal Lake

Representing all the citizens of Crystal Lake

Proven leadership

With nearly two decades of government experience, Haig understands what it takes to find solutions, work with the people of Crystal Lake, and get things done.

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What's Important to Haig
  • COVID Relief

Small businesses are the heart of Crystal Lake.  To help those businesses sustain through the pandemic, Haig streamlined the process to request outdoor seating for restaurants and provided economic relief through two business assistance programs.

  • Holding the line on Property Tax

The City of Crystal Lake has the second lowest property tax rate in McHenry County, Haig believes in keeping high quality services to Crystal Lake’s residents while not burdening residents with additional property taxes.

  • Attracting commercial and residential development to the old Walmart property and at Crystal Lake & Main Street property

Anyone who has lived in Crystal Lake for a few years knows that the “Old Walmart Property” and the Crystal Lake & Main Street Intersection have been vacant for quite some time. Haig is committed to seeing these sites developed by private commercial and residential developers to enhance the overall community.​​​

  • Continue to find ways to be on the cutting edge of new ideas

As an innovative leader in business, Haig understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve on new and effective ideas.  As Mayor he will continue to push the council and encourage innovative thinking within city government.​

  • Working to attract & retain small businesses in Crystal Lake

​Small businesses are part of the life-blood of Crystal Lake providing jobs for local residents and enhancing the economic development of Crystal Lake, which means less reliance on property taxes. As a small business owner himself, Haig is committed to keeping the existing business and attracting new businesses to fill vacancies in Crystal Lake in a post-COVID economy.

  • Developing Crystal Lake as Destination Center for the Northern Illinois Region

​Haig has a vision of making Crystal Lake an innovative destination center that attracts people to the City with a variety of restaurants that feature cuisine options from around the world, venues for music and entertainment, arts and cultural activities draw individuals and families of all ages to our community.

  • Sustain a positive collaboration between citizens, City staff, and City Council

Haig believes in the power of working together as a team and the input of others in the decision making process. Haig will bring this approach to his leadership as Mayor.​

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